Dockage Rates


The following dockage charges, in cents per registered gross ton or per linear foot (whichever is greater), will be assessed by the port.

Dockage begins when the first line is received from a vessel to a wharf, pier, or bulkhead structure, or to another vessel, which had made fast thereto, and each 24 hours thereafter, or portion thereof.


 Docking to take on bunkers only, will be subject to a $250 charge for three hours. Any holdover over three hours to six hours will be charged $500.00. Yachts bunkering more than six hours will be charged based on LOA, but not less than $500, subject to availability.

Space availability for yachts is subject to HarborMaster recommendation. Yachts must give way to vessels involved in international trade. Yachts are not entitled to commercial dockage rates.

Commercial & Military Watercraft Engaged in Waterborne Commerce

 The fee for these vessels is $0.21 per GRT (gross registered ton) or $2.75 per LOA (length overall), whichever is the greater of the two. There is a minimum charge of $200 per day.

Due to limited berth space available at the Port of Palm Beach, all vessels not engaged in export / import, cruise, or international trade shall be subject to berth space availability. Vessels in cruise or freight transportation have priority over lay berth or non-working vessels.

Cruise Ships, Day Cruise Ships & Passenger Ferries

The fee for these vessels is $.20 per GRT or $2.75 LOA, whichever is greater, unless operating year-round under a MTA.

Harbormaster Fees

There will be a $100 HarborMaster fee per vessel call. Any vessel which calls more than once per day will only be subject to a maximum fee of $100 per day. Tug / barge combinations shall be charged as a single vessel.

Berth Requests

Requests for berthing should be at least 72 hours in advance. If you have a yacht or commercial vessel that you wish to dock at the Port of Palm Beach, you must first fill out a Berth Application Form.